Hong Kong Banking System

The successful development of Hong Kong economy is largely driven by its banking sector. Hong Kong maintains a three-tier of deposit-taking institution, namely restricted license banks, licensed banks, the deposit-taking companies collectively known as authorized institutions supervised by Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA).
As one of the world's financial centres, Hong Kong has the highest concentration of banks in the world.
HKMA embraces the development of technology advancements in the operation of banking i.e. mobile payments, Blockchain, Open API, Artificial Intelligence… to implement its initiative of Smart Banking. All of banks in Hong Kong has undergone some degree of digital transformation as part of their client-centric strategies.
Hong Kong banking sector provides an extensive range of services and is one of the most efficient and robust systems in the world. You can open a bank account for Hong Kong company in just 2-3 weeks. There is also no foreign exchange control in Hong Kong, so you can easily move your money in and out the country without any restrictions.
A Hong Kong company can open its bank account in any places in the world. Our bank introducer services can help you better prepare for due diligence process before applying to open a Hong Kong bank account. In addition, most banks in Hong Kong require physical presentation of account signatories.